My working experience with the photography world started in ernest in about 1986 when I

joined BGM Imaging. One of Toronto's major photo labs in the day. Producing large format Images in the custom darkroom. A while later I moved to Murals. Producing up to 6 foot by 12 foot murals in "c" print to cibachrome for all kinds of clientelle.

one sunny day ...


I bought my first SLR on a trip to the Montreal Grand Prix, a Nikon FM2 where I found the excitement of fast action and high drama photography. I was instantly hooked, shooting from the stands gave me my first experience at capturing the cornering and speed of the cars from an area of the track known as  the "Senna curves".

From there my yearly experience grew, and over time I was privileged to shoot a wide array of sporting events from the Canadian Open Golf and Tennis to ongoing motor sports spectacles taking place from Toronto to Montreal.

I also did 2 seasons shooting in Newmarket Ontario for "Classic Hockey Cards" for the up and coming NHL prospects in the OHL.